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I'm Chris Wright

I was wrongly convicted of Ken Dolezsar’s murder in 2010, and I am still sitting in prison. My name is Eugene Christopher Wright. I go by Chris.

Why speak out only just now, in 2021?

The short answer: Because I have nothing left to lose. Because I have been told so many times to keep quiet and let the process work while my life wastes away that I no longer believe anything I am told.

In 2021 I agreed to let Dateline do a show about my case. I decided to do so despite my attorney’s strenuous objections. Since then I have had one attorney after another telling me to be quiet. None of them have done me any good.

The one thing that has helped me was the Dateline. As it turns out, the people who are responsible both for Ken’s death and my being blamed for it have always been terrible people. People who know those people contact me and give me information that helps me put together what happened.

At this point, I have a great group of people helping me to find and present evidence that will eventually set me free. The legal system will never set me free on its own. What we have learned since the Dateline in 2012 will blow your mind. It will also make your blood boil that I am still in prison.

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... I was wrongfully convicted.

Forensic work that we’ve done since Dateline now excludes me from the crime scene by DNA fingerprints, palm prints, voice analysis. We’ve also discovered mountains of evidence about what really happened.

We can also show that evidence of my innocence was and is in the possession of the F.B.I. and the Salt Lake County District Attorney. As they continue to protect the wealthy and politically connected they continue to refuse to turn that evidence over, foremost among the withheld evidence is two terabytes of data from Ken Dolezsar’s computers. There is also a strong indication that in those computers is evidence of payments to corrupt former Justice Department officials.

I’m writing my story in 3 parts so they can be read and understood by anyone, regardless of your familiarity with my case.  But it does help if you have seen the Dateline, which you can view right here on my website.

Articles will be written in the future that give greater detail and further evidence in areas that are complex.  We would love your feedback and questions. Please visit the Show Support page to send us a message.  Also, if you have any information about anyone involved in my case, please share it with us!

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